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Giving and Receiving feedback workbook

Giving and Receiving Feedback


This toolkit offers a kitbag of resources to facilitate a high energy master class that equips participants with the practical tools and techniques to carry out healthy and productive feedback conversations.

Maximising results workbook

Maximising Results


This toolkit supports participants to understand the key components that will help them to achieve results and ensure others understand the importance of having a focused outlook.

Introduction to coaching workbook

Introduction to Coaching


This introduction to coaching training toolkit provides practical learning experience for participants, equipping them with the tools and techniques that an effective coach needs.

Managing Key Performance Indicators

Managing KPIs


This toolkit offers practical ways to manage KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and allow all levels to fully understand their relevance and importance to their organisation; including how to effectively manage their own KPI’s and those of others.

self-awareness workbook



The training materials contained within our self-awareness toolkit provide objective support to managers to enable them to explore self-awareness in an enlightening and practical way that will enhance their management capability and impact in your business.

negotiation skills workbook



This negotiation skills training toolkit offers practical techniques and approaches to negotiation, whilst supporting participants to practice these in a safe and supportive environment, using situations that are ‘real’ to them.

working through change workbook

Working Through Change


To support participants to develop practical tools and techniques to help them work through change.  The toolkit enables participants to share their concerns and hesitation in relation to change, whilst developing personally to be ‘change ready’ in the future.