The end-to-end wrap around for training is time-consuming. However, we all know it is a necessary evil if we are going to deliver our best for our learners. In an attempt to show you some love and save you some time, we have compiled a range of training documents commonly use. Better still, you have access to these free of charge. Not bad, hey?

The training documents will support you with your beginning to end processes for running super training sessions.

To help kick off your pre-programme administration, why not have a look at our training needs analysis template (TNA). The TNA will help guide you in identifying what training you or your client should be focussing on. You may find that you have to pull together a budget submission form or proposal for a client. For these instances, our training proposal template offers a good starting place. Like any training documents you use, you might need to tweak the language slightly, so it suits you/your brand, but that is an easy fix.

You will find our core training joining instructions in the training documents below. We have provided this as an editable pdf, so you can add all the critical information for your programmes while keeping the professionally branded look and feel.

Moving onto where we can help save you some time with pulling together your content, we have pulled together a range of useful quotes that can help to contextualise and bring your content to life. The training quotes are sectioned off to correlate to the type of training subject they will support. You could just buy our training materials if you wanted to save yourself even more time!

Finally, to help you wrap up your training programmes, you have access to our learning evaluation form and action plan templates. The evaluation form is a great little training document for assessing how your session has gone and will you to develop and improve each programme you deliver. The action plan will enable you to ensure your learners commit to some action as a result of their training. As an alternative, you might want to consider using Boomerang Apps. It’s a free platform for 360 feedback and goal tracking and will help you to digitise your offering to your organisation/client.

In time, we will add additional training documents, such as training models…but for now, have a go with the documents below. As ever, shout up if you have any questions.

Training Documents

Action Plan Template


A free action plan template to enable you to map activities, outcomes, measures of success and timeframes. The action plan assists you in the delivery of your goals or objectives.

Change Quotes


A range of inspirational change quotes that trainers and coaches can use to bring their own change programmes to life.

Leadership Quotes


A range of leadership quotes that trainers, coaches and managers can use to inspire their learners and teams.

Training Evaluation Form


A comprehensive training evaluation form to use at the end of your sessions. The form can be completed digitally or printed and completed by hand.

Joining Instructions


The logistics around training can be challenging to arrange and communicate to your learners. Training Central’s joining instructions template takes the stress away.

All our training resources are free of charge.