Training Evaluation Form


A comprehensive training evaluation form to use at the end of your sessions. The form can be completed digitally or printed and completed by hand.

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Action Plan Template Overview

Happy sheets, evaluation forms, training reviews…whatever you call them, training evaluation is a necessary step to ensuring your training sessions are hitting the mark and delivering on expectations.

Training Central’s evaluation forms are broken down into distinct sections. This helps to ensure that you capture a broad range of insights and information. This process also helps you to identify and evidence training ROI, along with potential areas of improvement for future programmes.

The evaluation sections cover:

Primary Effects

The primary effects section focuses on the relevance of the training to the delegate’s role and to the business. Additionally, observations are gathered on the impact that the specific training has had on the individual. Finally, this section also drives the identification of the quick wins that delegates can take back into the work environment.

Changes in Behaviour

The changes in behaviour section of the evaluation form are based on the ‘stop, start, continue’ principle. Leaners are given space to identify behaviours they will stop, those they will start and those they will continue when they return to the office.

Course Content

This section provides you with the opportunity to understand what aspects of your course delegates consider to be a strength. Additionally, delegates are given a chance to share their views on areas that have not hit the mark or have not been covered. This provides you with scope to reflect on the programme strengths and the maintenance of these while reviewing where your training content may need to change moving forwards.


Space for feedback on the instructor’s delivery comes via a 1-10 rating scale. There is scope for delegates to substantiate these ratings via open text box areas. This section is especially useful for trainers who are eager for self-development.

Overall satisfaction

The final section acts as a summary capture to ensure the programme was appropriate for the delegate. Also, this section establishes if they now feel equipped to take on their opportunities and challenges in the workplace.


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