Whether you are a trainer, or a delegate, at some stage of your career, you will have been on your way to a training session and started to feel those familiar pangs of anxiety. For many, stepping into a training room can be a tough experience. Often, your mind can be racing, and whole worlds of self-talk can be swirling around your head. As trainers, our first goal as we walk into each session is to put ourselves and our learners at ease. Reassuring and calming our learners provides the bedrock to enable them to make the most of the training session. Consequently, this is where our free training icebreakers come into their own.

Icebreakers are a super way to help your delegates get to know each other, as well as you, as their trainer. A great icebreaker helps your learners to understand and feel that they are amongst equals in the training room; a sure-fire way to whittle away those early anxieties. Additionally, icebreakers encourage conversation and get the blood flowing and learning minds firing – what is not to like about that?

As trainers, we get one shot at kicking off our training sessions. Dropping in the right icebreaker gets you off to a flyer or a flop. So, what makes a great icebreaker? Well, that depends! The best icebreaker for you will be the one that leads nicely into your training content. By doing so, your learners are already starting to focus on the subject matter you will be delivering. We’d recommend that if you are using an icebreaker as a lead into a subject area, then you need to spend a little time ensuring this connection is clear. You can then flow straight into the learning topic when you have completed your icebreaker.

In practice, it isn’t always possible to create this tight connection between icebreaker and training content. We recommend not getting too hung up about any learning objectives from icebreakers. It’s more critical that your training games align with your training content. It isn’t always necessary for there to be a distinct connection between an icebreaker and the next topic on your schedule. You might just want to fire out an icebreaker focused on welcoming your learners to the session. That is fine. Ultimately, it’s about judging what is right for you, your training, and the delegates.

So, next time you enter your training room and you notice a few delegates playing with their phones, or fidgeting in their seats, break out one of Training Central’s free icebreakers and get their attention straight back in the room.

Free Icebreaker Topics

Two Truths, One Lie Icebreaker


Two Truths, One Lie is an icebreaker to strip away any delegate nerves, after they first enter the training room. Trainers can use this icebreaker as a fun way to get delegates to share a little bit about themselves and to get them engaged.

Tower Building Icebreaker


The competitive construction Icebreaker will liven up a post-lunch training room or get your delegates working together, as soon as they arrive at the training session.

Most, Best, Greatest? Icebreaker


To help break down barriers and enable teams to share personal information. The Most, Best, Greatest?’ icebreaker is geared towards helping people to develop more robust relationships and to get to know each other better.

Non-verbal Introductions Icebreaker


A simple but creative way to introduce delegates to each other. This non-verbal introductions icebreaker will get your delegates on their toes and get their thinking firing, ahead of your training session.

Picture of My Life


Picture of My Life is an icebreaker that helps delegates to overcome their initial reservations when they meet each other for the first time. By asking delegates to draw, they really get into the exercise and disclose more about themselves than they would through normal verbal introductions.

Common Ground Icebreaker


The Common ground icebreaker is a super game to enable your delegates to find any commonalities they share. The icebreaker pushes their thinking beyond a work environment, to help them to connect on a personal level.

What the Future Holds


Visualising the future can be tough. What the future holds helps your learners to think about the possibilities that the future might hold, free from inhibitions and biased thinking.

This is Me – Icebreaker


This is Me is an informal icebreaker to help people or teams to get to know each other, either through a collage or pictures on their phones.

Who, What, Why and How? Icebreaker


Who, What, Why and How? is an informal icebreaker that uses open coaching questions to help learners share more about themselves and get to know each other better. Trainers can shorten or lengthen the duration of this icebreaker to suit the specific needs of their training session.

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