Two Truths, One Lie Icebreaker


Two Truths, One Lie is an icebreaker to strip away any delegate nerves, after they first enter the training room. Trainers can use this icebreaker as a fun way to get delegates to share a little bit about themselves and to get them engaged.


Two Truths, One Lie Overview

Let your delegates know that you want them to spend five minutes thinking of a couple of interesting facts/stories about themselves. Let them know that you also want them to think up two truths, one lie about themselves.

Once they are ready, ask them to take it in turns to share their two truths and the one fib. After each person has shared, the rest of the group must guess which one is the fib.

Trainer Notes

You can also take part in this game and let the delegates know a few truths and a little fib about yourself.


  • Full instructions for running the training game
  • Group number recommendations
  • Full debrief instructions to encourage debate and participation


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