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Project Management


This fast paced and interactive master class explores the essential skills of project management, uncovering the crucial role that effective project management plays in any business, enabling change and continuous improvement to land with the desired effect and business benefits realised.


Maximising Results


This practical and interactive session explores the importance of maximising results and driving outcomes effectively, by managing objectives and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Customer_Service_Cover_WorkbookCustomer service workbook

Customer Service


This event will support participants to manage and lead customer service effectively and with focus through their teams.


Performance Management


This practical and interactive workshop explores performance management as a continuous process, requiring ongoing attention and management.

Driving _high_performance_through_coaching_workbookDriving _high_performance_through_coaching_workbook_4

Driving High Performance Through Coaching


This interactive and practical event will focus on coaching as a way of managing people – a skill all modern day managers can develop to drive high performance for themselves, their people and their organisation and more importantly to sustain it.

commercial awareness workbook

Commercial Awareness

Call for Price

A comprehensive, yet practical toolkit that equips participants with the fundamental skills and capabilities to become more commercially astute.

strategic thinking workbook

Strategic Thinking

Call for Price

This toolkit is designed to allow participants to explore the key elements of strategic thinking.