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A detailed workshop that will support your learners in getting to grips with the fundamental differences between operational and strategic thinking. Learners will practice and apply practical tools and approaches that will improve their day-to-day and broader strategic thinking, positively impacting on business direction and goals.



Strategic thinking is no longer the preserve of senior managers. All people, at all levels, must understand the strategic requirements of their organisation. It is the only way that an organisation can be confident that its people are aware of and aligned behind its strategic aims. These strategic thinking training materials enables participants to explore the critical elements of the subject, supporting them to understand and apply the key differences between operational and strategic thinking.

Participants will work through the process of creating a strategic vision for their team, in addition to practising techniques that will enable them to think and resolve problems with a strategic mindset.

The strategic thinking training focusses on practical tools and practices that can be applied both on a day-to-day basis and in support of broader strategic business planning. Consequently, this process enables your learners to confidently translate strategic goals into meaningful team goals, that their people will connect with and drive forward.

Learning Outcomes

As an outcome of this development, delegates will be able to:
  • Explain the differences between operational and strategic thinking
  • Understand the organisational bigger picture and the importance of aligning goals to this
  • Create a strategic vision that will inspire their team
  • Anticipate difficulties/obstacles and develop potential solutions
  • Experience and practice techniques to think about and solve problems strategically
  • Translate organisational strategy into meaningful short and medium-term goals that teams will buy into

Training Content

  • Exploring the difference between operational and strategic thinking
  • Self-analysis – how strategically focused are your learners?
  • Identifying the team vision
  • Understanding how to turn their vision into strategy
  • Highlighting organisational challenges/risks and ways to manage these
  • Exploring strategic thinking techniques and using them on ‘real’ working examples

Training Duration

  • Full day

Training Materials Included

  • Script (Workshop)
  • PowerPoint
  • Materials Checklist
  • Joining Instructions
  • Trainer Guidance

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