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Giving and Receiving feedback workbook

Giving and Receiving Feedback


This toolkit offers a kitbag of resources to facilitate a high energy master class that equips participants with the practical tools and techniques to carry out healthy and productive feedback conversations.

self-awareness workbook



The training materials contained within our self-awareness toolkit provide objective support to managers to enable them to explore self-awareness in an enlightening and practical way that will enhance their management capability and impact in your business.

Leading change workbook

Leading Change


This toolkit focuses on providing a practical structure for implementing and embedding change in the participants’ teams. By drawing on proven change models, participants are supported in applying their learning to ‘real’ change situations.

SDI & Self-awareness

SDI & Self-Awareness


This practical and interactive session will explore how to develop a greater understanding of yourself and others, so that you can build more effective, rewarding and sustainable relationships. 

Advanced leadership workbook

Advanced Leadership


This toolkit is designed to advance leaders in their role and allow them to meet organisational demands head on. Understanding some of the key enabling factors of leadership will support them to lead, challenge and develop in a way that moves teams forward.

Introduction to leadership workbook

Introduction to Leadership


Using tried and tested leadership models, this introduction to leadership toolkit will equip participants with the appropriate tools and techniques to draw on in any challenge they are faced with.

Introduction to coaching workbook

Introduction to Coaching


This introduction to coaching training toolkit provides practical learning experience for participants, equipping them with the tools and techniques that an effective coach needs.