Giving and Receiving Feedback


A fast paced, interactive master class session exploring feedback as a crucial and continuous practice to drive positive change and performance in others.



This Giving and Receiving Feedback master class supports participants in exploring a range of feedback techniques, equipping them with best practice ‘know-how’ to enable them to maximise the performance and potential of their colleagues, through healthy, transparent and meaningful feedback. Time is spent understanding the barriers which inhibit feedback and how these can be effectively managed through the application of different communication styles.

The session facilitates participants’ understanding of the requirement to role model the art and grace of actively seeking and listening to feedback from others, encouraging them to set the tone for those they lead, and promoting feedback as a positive source of insight, even when the content can sometimes be challenging to hear.

Workshop Content:
  • Understanding what gets in the way of giving feedback
  • The different responses to feedback and how to best manage these
  • Understanding different communication styles and how to work with these
  • The ‘vicious’ and ‘virtuous’ circles
  • Exploring feedback techniques and using these on ‘real’ feedback situations.
Learning Outcomes:

As an outcome of this development, delegates will be able to:

  • Understand the purpose and benefits of feedback
  • Explore the real barriers to giving and receiving feedback
  • Identify a range of techniques for giving and receiving feedback
  • Practically apply techniques to real feedback situations
  • Confidently and capably face into feedback situations and gain the most effective outcome.
Toolkit Content:
  • Script (master class)
  • Powerpoint
  • Materials Check List
  • Joining Instructions
  • Trainer Guidance
  • Flip Chart Guide
  • Workbooks
  • Activity Briefs/Supporting Materials
  • Evaluation Form


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