We understand that, as a professional trainer, you will have plenty of training programmes up your sleeve. We also get that you will have a load of training resources that you have compiled throughout the years. However, we also appreciate how tough it is to find the time to develop new training resources that will keep your sessions fresh and on point.

Consequently, Training Central has had a dig through its training kit bag. As a result, we have pulled out the best training resources we have used in 30+ years of training delivery.

Please have a browse through the training resources provided below. We have placed them out into relevant categories to make them easier to navigate. We have focussed on the vital training resources that we tend to use.

Training Games

Our training resources include access to loads of training games. These covering topics ranging from action planning, through to organisational values, and everything in between. As well as all that, we are constantly creating and adding more.

Training Energisers

Training Central resources include everything you need to wake your delegates after an over-indulgent lunch break!
Image shows illustration of learners dancing during the delivery of a Training Central free energiser activity

Training Icebreakers

Say goodbye to your old icebreakers. Say hello to lots of creative and fun ways to help overcome delegate inhibitions and get your learners chatting.

Training Documents

Wrap-around training resources and templates to cover your end-to-end training process. You will find joining instructions, evaluation forms, handy subject-based quotes, hints and tips amongst plenty of other resources.
Illustration shows a lady holding a lot of training documents all staked on top of each other