We understand that, as a professional trainer, you will have plenty of training programmes up your sleeve. We also get that you will have a load of training resources that you have compiled throughout the years. However, we also appreciate how tough it is to find the time to develop new training resources that will keep your sessions fresh and on point.

Consequently, Training Central has had a dig through its training kit bag. As a result, we have pulled out the best training resources we have used in 30+ years of training delivery.

Please have a browse through the training resources provided below. We have placed them out into relevant categories to make them easier to navigate. We have focussed on the vital training resources that we tend to use.

Training Games

Our training resources include access to loads of training games. These covering topics ranging from action planning, through to organisational values, and everything in between. As well as all that, we are constantly creating and adding more.
Image shows illustration examples of different types of 70:20:10 learning methods. These include on the job learning, learning from others and formal learning

70:20:10 Learning Training Game


Learning opportunities are all around us; yet sometimes, we can get fixated on ‘courses’ or ‘e-learning’. This game harnesses the 70:20:20 learning models to provide insights on the types of learning opportunities that are at hand and within easy to access for each of us.

Image shows text spelling out the name of the training game ‘Behavioural Performance Continuum’

Behavioural Performance Continuum -Training Game


The ‘Behavioural Performance Continuum’ helps learners to visualise where they feel they/or the organisation currently perform, versus where they would like to perform in the future enables detailed and action focussed conversations to take place. This training game also works well when reviewing organisational values.

Image shows illustration of a woman singing and a man filming as used in the game Charades.

Charades Training Game


Charades is a classic game played throughout the world. Leverage that mass understanding to help your learners to reflect on all the great work they do for their organisation.

Training Energisers

Training Central resources include everything you need to wake your delegates after an over-indulgent lunch break!
Image shows illustration of learners dancing during the delivery of a Training Central free energiser activity
Image shows illustration of three people holding up signs, playing the energiser Anagram Names. The signs spell out the Anagram ‘A Gran Ma’.

Anagram Names – Free Energiser


Anagram Names is a free training energiser that encourages problem-solving and creativity. Handy to use when assigning people to paired or group activities where you need them to be awake and thinking from the off.

Image shows illustration of a ball that can be used when playing Ball Race, the training energiser.

Ball Race – Free Energiser


Ball Race is a great energiser for when you need to give your learners a break or some headspace away from the subject matter you are training. It will get them out of their seats, get them thinking, get them laughing and most importantly, geared up for the rest of your session.

Training Icebreakers

Say goodbye to your old icebreakers. Say hello to lots of creative and fun ways to help overcome delegate inhibitions and get your learners chatting.
Image shows two circles overlapping, with a star in the middle where the circles overlap. The illustration depicts the common ground that can be found playing the common ground icebreaker.

Common Ground Icebreaker


The Common ground icebreaker is a super game to enable your delegates to find any commonalities they share. The icebreaker pushes their thinking beyond a work environment, to help them to connect on a personal level.

Training Documents

Wrap-around training resources and templates to cover your end-to-end training process. You will find joining instructions, evaluation forms, handy subject-based quotes, hints and tips amongst plenty of other resources.
Illustration shows a lady holding a lot of training documents all staked on top of each other
Image shows the text logo for Training Central’s free action plan template

Action Plan Template


A free action plan template to enable you to map activities, outcomes, measures of success and timeframes. The action plan assists you in the delivery of your goals or objectives.

Image shows the text logo for Training Central’s free change quotes training document

Change Quotes


A range of inspirational change quotes that trainers and coaches can use to bring their own change programmes to life.

Image shows the text logo for Training Central’s free joining instructions template

Joining Instructions


The logistics around training can be challenging to arrange and communicate to your learners. Training Central’s joining instructions template takes the stress away.

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