Ball Race – Free Energiser


Ball Race is a great energiser for when you need to give your learners a break or some headspace away from the subject matter you are training. It will get them out of their seats, get them thinking, get them laughing and most importantly, geared up for the rest of your session.



Ball Race Energiser Objectives

Ball race is a super fun training energiser to give your delegates a lift. It gets your learners out of their seats and helps to get them refocused for the remainder of your session.

Group Size

  • Six or more

Ball Race Energiser Instructions

Have some balls ready – tennis balls or golf balls are ideal. You can play the game with eggs, just make sure you can clean up easily afterwards, though.

Explain to your delegates that they are going to play a little energiser.

Split your delegates into equal teams or play the game as individuals. Place the balls on the floor, equally spread apart,

Explain to the delegates that they have to move their balls as far as they can without the use of their hands, arms, feet or legs.

The winning team will be the one who moves their ball the furthest.


  • Full instructions for running the training energiser


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