Anyone for Tennis? – Free Energiser


Get bums off seats and delegates moving with a light game of tennis! No balls, racquets or nets needed, just a scrunched-up piece of paper and concentration. A sure-fire smash.


Anyone for Tennis? Energiser Objectives

To get learners out of their seats and completing a little light physical exercise. ‘Anyone for Tennis?’ is an energiser that will help you to refocus and re-energise your training room.

Perfect for mid-morning or mid-afternoon.

We also provide a more detailed version of this game – this can be found here: Risk and Reward Tennis.

Group Size

  • Five or more

Anyone for Tennis? Instructions

Ask your delegates to stand in a circle facing each other. Explain to them that you will give pass them a paper ‘tennis ball’. The delegates must hit the ball with the palm of their hand, towards a colleague, while shouting the first letter of the alphabet (A). The person who receives the ball must immediately palm the ball to another colleague while shouting the letter ‘B’. This process is repeated until the group have made their way through the alphabet. Each player must hit the ball at least twice, and a player cannot hit the ball twice in a row. If the ball drops to the floor, the group must start again from the ‘A’.

Allow them ten minutes to complete the energiser.


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