Need some free energisers? We have you covered!

Training energisers provide a great opportunity to tactically add an injection of motivation and concentration into your training session. A well-timed and considered energiser has the power to breathe new life into your training room. It can awaken even the sleepiest or post-lunch weary delegates.

The Training Central team have also delivered their fair share of training content that you would struggle to call sexy or crowd-pleasing. The fact is that training content can sometimes be a little prosaic by nature (we are looking at all our compliance training peers here). Despite this, introducing an energiser can change the climate or feel of the training session. Even with the most stringent legislative training, there is room for the fun that comes from good energisers.

Conversely, and perhaps contradictorily, energisers can also be used to calm your group down. As professional trainers, we have all found ourselves in situations where the training subject matter has caused heated or prolonged debate. It can be tough to bring you room back on point. Dropping in a little energiser can help to refocus the room. It can enable learners to move on and reengage with the remaining session.

Effective training is all about creating experiences that secure lasting impressions with your learners. To be able to do this, we trainers must be mindful of the barriers that exist for our learners. Barriers can range from things such as the apprehension of not knowing the other learners in the training session, right through to painful historical experiences of training and learning. Energisers are fantastic for breaking down barriers. Every trainer should have a broad range of energisers that they can pull upon to provide a different learning route for their delegates. You’d be surprised how frequently the penny drops, as a result of using the right energiser, at the right time.

The majority of the above is geared towards trainers using the energisers in their sessions. Don’t let this put you off. The energisers work just as well for Managers or Team Leaders. They even work for a bit of family fun. As a rule, energisers work where you want to increase energy levels, build teams, have fun or to promote mindfulness.

We have filtered the free energisers by topic areas. As a result, this will make it easier for you to navigate to the ones that will work for you. Have a look around, drop us a line if you want to add any – we will accredit them to relevant authors.

Energiser Topics

Origami Fortune Teller – Free Energiser


Tap into childhood memories to add a little fun to posing reflective questions during your training sessions. Example questions are provided, plus instructions on how to make your ‘Origami Fortune Teller’. You can change the questions to make them relevant to your training subject matter.

In Tray Activity – Free Energiser


A simple memory recall energiser, this activity will help to get your learners attention and focus back into the training room. This is a very useful activity to apply when breaking up tough learning content.

Bull Bingo Management-Speak – Free Energiser


Business jargon is everywhere. Frequently it’s hard to avoid. Often it makes little sense. Cut through the bull and make sure your delegates are comfortable speaking normally by using Training Central’s Bull Bingo Management-Speak energiser as part of your ground rules setting.

Who Said It? – Free Energiser


Who Said it? is a handy general knowledge energiser that can easily be flipped to incorporate specific business-related or training related questions to challenge learners on their knowledge and understanding.

Gobbledegook – Free Energiser


A free training energiser to highlight our ability to create meaning and infer insights from ambiguous information.  Gobbledegook visualises this concept, encouraging your learners to look closely before jumping to conclusions.

Training Content Quiz – Free Energiser


The training content quiz that can be used to assess your delegates’ learning and retention of information at any given point in your training session. The energiser can also be used as a handy memory aid for recalling your own training content or to help remember key information for sales pitches.

All our training resources are free of charge.