In Tray Activity – Free Energiser


A simple memory recall energiser, this activity will help to get your learners attention and focus back into the training room. This is a very useful activity to apply when breaking up tough learning content.


In Tray Activity Objectives

Training Central’s In Tray activity will sharpen your delegates’ attention and wake them up, bringing wandering minds, back into the training room. It’s a great energiser to use mid-session.

Group Size

  • Six or ten

In Tray Activity Trainer Notes

Prepare a range of things to place in your tray. For example:

In Tray Activity Instructions

Let your delegates know that you are going to have a quick mental break from the training session. To help them, they are going to play a little In Tray activity.

Explain that you are going to give them fifteen seconds to look at your in-tray. The tray will contain lots of items. Explain that you will then move the in-tray and remove or change something about the in-tray. The delegates must try to work out what has changed.

Start with something easy and gradually make it harder. An example of an easy option is to remove a pen or a large piece of paper. A devilish one is to change the time on the watch.


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