Bull Bingo Management-Speak – Free Energiser


Business jargon is everywhere. Frequently it’s hard to avoid. Often it makes little sense. Cut through the bull and make sure your delegates are comfortable speaking normally by using Training Central’s Bull Bingo Management-Speak energiser as part of your ground rules setting.


Bull Bingo Management-Speak Objectives

Cut through the management-speak and business language, by keeping your training session real by encouraging your delegates to use language that makes sense to them.

Group Size

  • Five or more

Bull Bingo Management-Speak Trainer Notes

Use the exercise as part of your ground rules.

You might want to think of some examples to get the group going.


  • ‘Low hanging fruit’
  • ‘Deep dive’
  • ‘Touch base’
  • ‘On my radar’

Energiser Instructions

Instruct your delegates that using management-speak can be a barrier to people’s learning.

Explain that you want to cut through all that and avoid business language where possible. By doing so, everybody understands what each person is saying, and everyone can learn.

Write the words on a flip and hang it on the wall; that way, they can be flagged when used.


  • Full instructions and trainer notes for running the energiser


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