Anagram Names – Free Energiser


Anagram Names is a free training energiser that encourages problem-solving and creativity. Handy to use when assigning people to paired or group activities where you need them to be awake and thinking from the off.



Anagram Names Energiser Objectives

This energiser gets your delegates to problem solve and think creatively. It’s the perfect way to position a creative-thinking or problem-solving training module.

Group Size

  • Four or more

Anagram Names Energiser Instructions

Create some anagrams of your delegates’ names.

If you are running a creative thinking/problem-solving session, display the anagrams on a flip and ask the group what they anagrams mean. See who can work them out first.

Alternatively, you can use the anagrams as nameplates for pre-arranged seating.

As another alternative, you can display the anagrams as pairs and use them to assign delegates to a paired activity. As noted previously, if you are running a creative thinking/problem-solving game, the anagrams can be the kick-off to that training game.


  • Full instructions for running the training energiser


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