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The Concept

Training Central was established to provide a suite of best practice training materials that Learning & Development professionals can utilise for their own delivery.

We understand the challenges faced by our peers, having each been in their operation position ourselves.  Finding the time to write high quality training materials for your organisation/client is often not possible with the workload that many people are faced with.

This is where we step in.  Our products remove this problem by providing you with learning solutions that enable you to engage the people in your organisation immediately and maximise their potential in a quick, easy and cost effective manner.


Training Central place equal amount of attention to the final production of our materials as we do their content.  We want you to feel proud of owning and delivering our training materials.

Training Central aims to remove any barriers between coaches delivering and delegates learning by focusing on high-end, ‘plug and play’, downloadable content. As such, all Training Central training materials are downloadable on verification of purchase. If you are paying via invoice, we will email the content to you as soon as the invoice is raised.

Buy now…deliver now…learn forever.


  • PGDipHRM
  • MSc Performance Management & Workplace Learning
  • TMSDI 
  • NLP
  • BPS Level A
  • BPS Level B
  • ILM
  • JTI
  • EQ
  • SDI
  • TA101
  • MBTI
  • MT48
  • 16FQ+
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