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Training Central products are full of the most up-to-date models, tools and techniques. We take enormous pride in our training content, partnering with senior leadership coaches and learning professionals to create training materials and training resources that will exceed your expectations and leave a lasting impression on your learners.

Our training resources are provided free of charge. This will allow you to experience the quality of our product, whilst bringing your current training courses to life. Thanks for your interest in Training Central. Enjoy the products and happy learning!

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Professionals design our training courses. Training Central provide editable content, made by trainers, for trainers, with learners in mind.
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Do you need some icebreakers, training games or energisers? Training Central has everything you need to liven up your training session.
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High Quality Training Materials

The team at Training Central are all professional trainers and coaches. In addition, we have all held senior learning and development roles and worked as independent consultants. As a result, we understand the challenge and pressure of creating high-class training content when deadlines are pressing. Trust us, we have felt your pain.

We created Training Central to address these issues. Our off the shelf Training materials remove the pain of planning, creating and designing training content – we give you your time back! We have even gone to the trouble of having the materials designed by professional graphic designers. Consequently, our products look amazing and will leave a lasting impression on your learners.

We understand that you need your materials to be flexible to your needs. As a result, the training materials you buy are editable. Alternatively, we can add your branding for a small additional fee. All you need to do is facilitate the training!

Best Practice Training Resources

Do you need to freshen up your training session with some new activities? How about throwing in some new training games to wake delegates up after lunch? Our free training resources will give you the ultimate flexibility with your training delivery.

We have dived into the back catalogue of over 30 years of training delivery, many of which have been spent at the Award-winning Innovation Central. As a result, we can provide you with a range of training games, energisers, icebreakers and training activities that will make your sessions pop!

All our free training resources are professionally designed. Additionally, they have been fully graphic designed and are editable. Consequently, we can guarantee consistency and quality.

Have a browse through our free trainer resources and pick out the ones you want to use.

What's included in our training materials?

If you have never bought from Training Central, you might be wondering what is included in the price? That’s a fair question. The good news is everything! We’ve ticked off everything you will need to run a successful training course. As a result, you will be able to wow the pants off your learners.


Our workbooks are designed with the learner in mind. The workbooks align to the script and PPTs, providing space for learners to capture their reflections, answers and actions.

Course Overview

The course overview shows the content that is in the training session. It also identifies the expected learning outcomes, as a result of delivering the session.

Support Materials

A range of optional supporting materials that you can use to supplement your pre or post-session learning. As the trainer, you decide if you use these materials.

Trainer Guide

The trainer guide breaks down your pre-engagement activities. It also explains the breakdown of each session of the training course. Finally, the guide provides example follow-up questions to assess learner progress.


Training Central scripts guide you on what to say, and when to say it. The scripts reference the PPT, workbook pages and flip chart guide. Consequently, you will never lose track.

Materials Checklist

A helpful list of all the supplementary things you might require when running the training session. It’s these small details that make a big difference to your session.


The professionally designed PPT presentation will support your interactive training session. Training Central encourage you to apply a coaching facilitation style.

Joining Instructions

An editable form that enables you to share your course logistics and any relevant pre-course learning exercises with your delegates.

Evaluation Form

You can gain feedback on the impact of the learning, changes in behaviour and course content. The forms are editable, enabling the capture of printed or digital feedback.


An instruction guide detailing everything that comes with your training content. This also includes recommendations on professional printing of your workbooks.

Document Fonts

Training Central provides you with all the fonts you will need. This ensures that the professionally designed PPT looks fantastic and displays as it is intended to.

Flip Chart Guide

An outline of each flip chart you will use during your session. The flip chart guide also details the focus of each flip, so that you can prepare each in advance of your training session.

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