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Training Central provides a range of learning and development training materials (toolkits) for professional coaches and trainers.  All our training materials adopt a student-centred learning approach to maximise learning opportunities. Our materials are created and supplied to be delivered straight from the box. You just need to open the box and deliver. Have a browse through out training materials shop and thanks for your interest in Training Central. Enjoy the products and happy learning!

Training Central Learning Suites

Our training materials have been split across three learning suites and also into workshops or master classes for ease of access.

Have a browse in our shop, we feel sure that you will find a solution to your learning and development requirements. If you do happen to think of a subject matter that you can’t locate here, please just let us know, we would be happy to design it for you at no additional cost.

Leadership & Management
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Skills & Behavioural Development
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negotiation skills workbook


Call for Price

This negotiation skills training toolkit offers practical techniques and approaches to negotiation, whilst supporting participants to practice these in a safe and supportive environment, using situations that are ‘real’ to them.

problem solving workbook

Problem Solving

Call for Price

Problem solving training materials that will support participants to understand the key principles associated with problem solving within their organisation. 




This toolkit supports participants to develop the key skills to effectively influence others in order to achieve positive and rewarding outcomes in all situations.


Decision Making


This interactive workshop explores decision-making as an integral part of modern management; a process that is a continuous and essential part of managing people, activities, organisations and our lives.

Award Winning

We are an Award winning and dedicated team here at Training Central. If you feel that there are any topics that we haven’t covered, please just let us know. We would be happy to oblige, so you can get your training kicked off and your people learning. That’s one of the reasons we were awarded Supplier of the Year by the Training Journal.

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Learning & Development Consulting

We also run a sister company, Innovation Central.  If you would prefer bespoke support for your learning and development requirements, please just let one of us know. We would be happy to have a chat over a brew and a biscuit.

We have lots of lovely Clients and work across both public and private sectors.  You may feel more comfortable chatting to them direct about how we work and the impact we have had. We are happy to give you their contact details and you can draw your own conclusions.

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