Our Influencing Skills training supports participants to develop the key skills to effectively influence others in order to achieve positive and rewarding outcomes in all situations. Learners will be provided with a range of tools and techniques to enable them to develop their confidence to positively influence others.

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Influencing does not come easily to all of us. Yet, we all need to influence people at some stage, either to get them to see things differently or to do something we need them to do. We may need to affect timescales, costings, or a way of working. Whatever the reason, influencing is crucial to our day-to-day working, regardless of the leadership/management level we operate at in our organisation. Our Influencing Skills training materials will give your learners confidence when influencing, equipping them with a range of techniques and approaches which they can call upon, in any influencing situation.

The influencing skills training commences through an exploration of each learner’s influencing grid, providing identification and recognition of the influencing opportunities available to each participant. Self-limiting beliefs and a self-talk assessment are undertaken, raising learner awareness of each and shining a light on quick-win areas to improve their confidence with influencing.

A range of influencing styles are assessed, with learners coached through their personal preferences concerning each style. The push and pull of influencing are evaluated and challenged, enabling each learner to begin to establish different strategies when aiming to influence others.

The final session provides learners with a facilitated reflection on the power players within their workplace. This process supports your learners in identifying how they will apply their new influencing skills to adapt their approach with their respective power players, including those where they will be required to influence upwards.

Our influencing skills training materials provide plenty of opportunities for learners to practice and grow their skills, in addition to providing each with tools and techniques that will help them to develop their level of influence.

Learning Outcomes

As an outcome of this development, delegates will be able to:
  • Understand what influencing is and how they currently influence
  • Identify situations and opportunities when it is appropriate to influence
  • Identify who the power players are what influencing tactics to adopt
  • Understand different types and approaches to influencing others
  • Apply different influencing styles and techniques to everyday ‘real’ situations
  • Apply principles and techniques to influence upwards.

Training Content

  • Understanding what influencing is and its importance
  • Exploring types and sources of influence
  • Identifying who the power players are, what influence they have and how to best approach them
  • Planning to influence in all directions
  • Learning how to apply different influencing techniques and approaches..

Training Breakdown

  • Welcome and Scene Setting
    • Influencing Skills training overview and objectives
  • Influencing and Me
    • The Foundations of influencing
    • Your influencing grid
    • Influencing in the world we live in
    • When influencing goes wrong
    • Influencing & self-belief
    • Self-talk assessment
    • Reflection
  • Influencing Styles and Situations
    • Influencing styles
    • My influencing preference
    • The push and pull of influencing
    • Habits of highly influential people
  • The Powers That Be
    • Power players in the workplace
    • Organisational power bases
    • Other sources of influence
    • Influencing upwards
  • Influencing Strategies
    • Key stakeholders and influencing map
  • Commitment to Action

Training Duration

  • Full day

Training Materials Included

  • Script (Workshop)
  • PowerPoint
  • Materials Checklist
  • Joining Instructions
  • Trainer Guidance
  • Flip Chart Guide
  • Workbooks
  • Activity Briefs/Supporting Materials
  • Learning Evaluation Form

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