This fast-paced and interactive workshop explores the role that assertive behaviour plays in day-to-day life. Learners are provided with a range of tools and techniques to support them in developing their confidence and capability to be more assertive.


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Assertiveness is often something that people shy away from and choose to avoid, rather than face up to. Developing assertiveness does not need to be difficult. Our assertiveness training materials enable participants to explore the concept of assertiveness and the important role this plays in everyone’s day-to-day life.

Participants will review and reflect on the value of assertiveness, identifying barriers and self-limiting beliefs that have historically prevented their willingness to apply assertive behaviours. The balance and boundaries between passive, aggressive and assertive behaviour are explored, supporting learners to understand how to avoid negative behaviours when applying assertive approaches.

Managing conflict is covered through practical discussion and application of the Conflict Pyramid and CUDSA models; providing them with a framework within which to practice the application of positive assertive behaviours.

Participants will learn what contributes to different levels of assertiveness and will be able to identify techniques to build their own confidence and capability to be more assertive.

Learning Outcomes

As an outcome of this development, delegates will be able to:
  • Understand and recognise what assertiveness is, and know when and why to apply it
  • Explain their own and others’ rights and responsibilities with respect to communication
  • Identify why conflict happens and how to use resolution techniques
  • Stand their ground and be forthright in approach
  • Apply assertiveness techniques to everyday challenges.

Training Content

  • Understanding personal assertiveness strengths and limitations
  • Identifying situations that cause challenges on a day-to-day basis
  • Exploring why conflict happens and developing plans to overcome this in an assertive manner
  • Planning to be assertive and finding inner confidence
  • Learning how to apply assertive techniques to achieve a positive and productive outcome.

Training Breakdown

  • Welcome and Scene Setting
    • Assertiveness training materials overview and objectives
  • What is Assertiveness all About?
    • Barriers to assertiveness
    • Passive, aggressive, assertive – what’s the difference?
    • The value of being assertive
  • Understanding My Preferences
    • Exploring personal preferences  – passive, aggressive and assertive
    • Identifying behaviour and appropriate response mechanisms
    • Becoming more assertive
  • Beliefs, Confidence and Assertiveness
    • Beliefs, behaviours and rights
    • Self-limiting beliefs and assertive behaviour
    • Confidence
    • Skills practice
  • Managing Conflict in an Assertive Manner
    • Dealing with conflict
    • The Conflict Pyramid
    • CUDSA
  • Commitment to Action

Training Duration

  • Full day

Training Materials Included

  • Script (Workshop)
  • PowerPoint
  • Materials Checklist
  • Joining Instructions
  • Trainer Guidance
  • Flip Chart Guide
  • Workbooks
  • Activity Briefs/Supporting Materials
  • Learning Evaluation Form

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