Coincidence? Maybe – Free Energiser


Coincidences are rare events, right? Well, maybe not as rare as you may think. Coincidence? Maybe is a great energiser to encourage enquiring minds to fire.


Coincidence? Maybe Energiser Objectives

How many times have you said the words “What are the odds?” This energiser will help your delegates understand that events are not always as coincidental in nature, as they may seem at first.

Group Size

  • Five or more

Coincidence? Maybe Energiser Instructions

Explain to your delegates that they are going to have a quick break and play a game called Coincidence? Maybe.

Ask your delegates to find the person in the room, whose birthday is nearest to their own.

Before they begin, ask them to write down what they think the chances are of their being another person who celebrates their birthday on the same day of the year as they do.

When the mingling stops, ask what they initially thought the chances were of two people having the same birthday?

Capture the responses on a flip chart. Also, ask whether anybody now wants to change their mind?


  • Full instructions for running the training energiser
  • Debrief instructions to encourage debate and participation


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