Charades Training Game


Charades is a classic game played throughout the world. Leverage that mass understanding to help your learners to reflect on all the great work they do for their organisation.


Charades Objectives

Use the classic game, ‘Charades’, to get your delegates thinking about the great work they do, while simultaneously helping them to have a laugh, breakdown barriers and celebrate success together.

Group Size

  • Eight or more

Charades Instructions

Explain that you are going to play a quick game of charades, to get them thinking about the great work they all do.

Let them know that you will be asking them some questions to help them think. Once they are ready, they will have to act out their answer to the question in the form of a charade.

When you are ready, ask your delegates the following question:

  • What does the organisation do that makes you feel proud?
    • You may wish to give an example, based on the organisation. Don’t give too many away

Give everyone a few minutes to think about their answers.

Check to see when they are ready. When everyone is set, go around the group and ask people to act out the thing that makes them proud.


  • Full instructions for running the Charades training game
  • Full debrief instructions, including questions to encourage debate and participation
  • Explanation to support learning outcomes


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