Poem of the Day – Consolidate Learning Training Game


Poems and lyrics tend to stay in our heads. The distinctive pitch and rhythm patterns help to lodge them there – whether we like them or not. Poem of the day pulls draws upon this same approach to help learners to consolidate their learning and keep their new knowledge to mind.


Poem of the Day - Consolidate Learning Objectives

The ‘Poem of the Day’ game supports your delegates to consolidate learning resulting from your training session. The exercise leaves learners with a fun poem that they can recite to the group and use as a memory aid/reminder when they return to work.

Group Size

  • Four or more

Poem of the Day - Consolidate Learning Content

As your training session draws to a close, you will want your delegates to reflect on and consolidate their learning from the day.

Tell your delegates that instead of making the usual commitments/actions in the back on their workbooks, they are going to create their own poem.

The poem doesn’t have to be long, but it should cover what they have learnt and enjoyed as well as what they will do differently when back in the workplace.

The downloadable file includes guide/tips on how to guide learners to create their poems.

Poem of the Day - Consolidate Learning Content

  • Full instructions and trainer notes for running the training game
  • Guide and tips to help your learners create their poems


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