Alphabet Introduction Icebreaker


Alphabet introduction is a creative icebreaker to help your delegates introduce themselves to each other, using words to describe themselves.


Alphabet Introduction Instructions

Explain to your group that they are going to play a quick icebreaker game called Alphabet Introduction.

Explain that each participant will be asked to choose a letter of the alphabet. Duplicate letters are permitted. They are then given five minutes in which to describe themselves, using single words beginning only with that letter.

The trainer can award a small prize for the person with the greatest number of words.

A further optional stage is to ask delegates to write down their chosen words on a flip chart paper. Put their name at the top and display it on the wall for the duration of the event. At the end of the event, you can ask the other delegates whether the words accurately described the individual.

Download Includes

  • Full instructions for running the training game
  • Group number recommendations


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