Tower Building Icebreaker


The competitive construction Icebreaker will liven up a post-lunch training room or get your delegates working together, as soon as they arrive at the training session.


Tower Building Icebreaker Instructions

Explain to your delegates that they are going to play a competitive Tower Building Icebreaker. Their task is to build the biggest tower they can, using only the stationary equipment in your training pack (or Lego, if you are using it). They have two minutes to complete their structure.

Trainer Notes

You will need to give your delegates access to pens, paper, tape, and Blu Tack, etc. Anything you think that delegates can use safely is fair game.

Alternatively, you can use Lego, if you have enough of it!

This exercise can be run as an individual game, or in teams.

Tower Building Icebreaker Content

  • Full instructions for running the training game
  • Group number recommendations
  • Full debrief instructions to encourage debate and participation


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