What the Future Holds


Visualising the future can be tough. What the future holds helps your learners to think about the possibilities that the future might hold, free from inhibitions and biased thinking.


What the Future Holds Instructions

Split your group into pairs, or groups of three. Explain to your group that they are going to do a quick icebreaker where they will look think about what the future holds, and all the possibilities that the future could bring.

Explain that at times, our cognitive inhibitions hold us back when trying to think of what the future may hold. So, right from the start, we are on the back foot – we have already limited our future options.

If we are aware of these inhibitions and challenge ourselves to think more creatively, challenging our imagination, then the future becomes almost limitless.

The point is that your predictions and hopes may be way off, but at least you have opened your mind to the possibilities.

Trainer Notes

You will need some pens and paper to support the What the Future Holds icebreaker.

The icebreaker works well when running planning and strategy sessions. In also works well in a coaching environment.

You can focus the icebreaker on the specific topic you are training. Similarly, you can constrain your group to think just about their work-based future, or their personal prospects for the future.

Download Content

  • Full instructions and question set for running the training icebreaker
  • Trainer notes and debriefing guide to encourage conversation and participation
  • Group number recommendations


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