Non-verbal Introductions Icebreaker


A simple but creative way to introduce delegates to each other. This non-verbal introductions icebreaker will get your delegates on their toes and get their thinking firing, ahead of your training session.


Non-verbal Introductions Instructions

Divide the group into pairs. Explain that they are going to play an icebreaker called Non-verbal Introductions.

Each delegate will take it in turns to communicate as much as they can about themselves to their partner. However, neither party is allowed to speak or write. The delegates are allowed to draw.

The trainer can give some example topics and show the delegates how they would communicate these topics. For example, the topic could be ‘Where do you live?’ and the trainer can draw a map of the country and pinpoint an area on the map.

If you want to make the exercise easier, the trainer can continue to call out the topics and let the delegates know when to swap.

Download Content

  • Full instructions and trainer notes for running the training icebreaker
  • Group number recommendations


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