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Our Advanced Leadership training materials are designed to forward leaders in their role and allow them to meet organisational demands head-on. The training content provides them with an understanding of the key enabling factors of leadership that will support them to lead, challenge and develop in a way that moves teams and the business forward.

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Our advanced leadership training enables Middle Managers to rise to the challenge of their leadership role.

The value of leadership within the cultural context of the organisation is evaluated, before collaborative reflection on a range of relevant leadership models. Participants are supported in exploring the crucial aspects of leadership that will allow them to develop into a highly effective leader.

Time is spent encouraging learners to reflect on toxic leadership, specifically how to identify toxic traits in themselves and the business, identifying strategies to overcome each.

Through an understanding of authenticity, emotional intelligence and transformational leadership, your participants will be equipped with best-practice leadership ‘know-how’, giving them the confidence to fulfil their true leadership capability.

Training Central also offers an introduction to leadership training toolkit if you feel the advanced leadership training materials are potentially not suitable to your participant’s learning needs.

Learning Outcomes

As an outcome of this development, delegates will be able to:
  • Distinguish clearly between leadership (transformational) and management (transactional) activities and develop frameworks to deliver across each
  • Examine current leadership habits critically and implement ways of managing these
  • Role model high-impact leadership behaviours that drive team/organisational goals
  • Explore the impact of toxic leadership and develop strategies to minimise/overcome this
  • Identify the requirement for effective emotional intelligence in a leadership role
  • Develop a ‘choose your style’ approach to leadership, identifying behaviour relevant to the business situation.

Training Content

  • Leadership and your personal style
  • Leadership vs Management; what is the difference?
  • Exploring transformational and transactional styles and concepts
  • Toxic leadership and its challenges
  • Emotional intelligence, you and leadership
  • Developing a leadership action plan to help make changes and move forward.

Training Breakdown

  • Welcome and Scene Setting
  • Leadership in Context
    • Value of leadership
    • Impact and effect of culture
  • Understanding Leadership
    • Leadership versus management
    • Where do I spend most of my time?
    • Personal reflection
  • Full Range Leadership Model
    • Exploring the model
    • Transformational and transactional leadership styles
  • Toxic Leadership Challenges
    • What is it?
    • Where do we see, feel and hear it?
    • Strategies to eliminate it
  • Authentic Leadership
    • What makes someone authentic?
    • Characteristics of an authentic leader
  • Emotional Intelligence
    • EQ or EI
    • Supporting great performance
    • Personal EQ reflection
  • Commitment to Action

Training Duration

  • Full day

Training Materials Included

  • Script (Workshop)
  • PowerPoint
  • Materials Checklist
  • Joining Instructions
  • Trainer Guidance
  • Flip Chart Guide
  • Workbooks
  • Activity Briefs/Supporting Materials
  • Learning Evaluation Form

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