My Leadership Brand – Training Game


My Leadership Brand is a training game to help leaders connect with and then articulate their own leadership style to others. This game supports leadership buy-in and helps leaders to identify why others should be led by them.


My Leadership Brand Objectives

This training game will help your delegates to understand what makes them unique as a leader. Playing ‘My Leadership Brand’ will support your learners to reflect on all the good stuff that makes them the leader they are, enabling others to buy-into their leadership and want to be led by them. Not only that, but it will also give each of them a lovely confidence boost and remind them what a great leader they can be.

Group Size

  • Maximum of ten

My Leadership Brand Content

  • A full set of instructions for delivering the training game
  • Debrief instructions, including questions to encourage participation and debate between your learners
  • An explanation of the learning outcomes


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