Performance Management


This practical and interactive workshop explores performance management as a continuous process, requiring ongoing attention and management.



Performance management is something that typically does not receive the attention it needs. Rather than being seen as a fundamental element of management within an organisation, it is often overlooked, resulting in a lack of focus on results, and low motivation and engagement from employees. Many people are unclear about what constitutes performance management and many have had poor experiences, making the process challenging for managers to deliver effectively.

This workshop includes the key principles of setting SMART objectives, measuring and monitoring performance, having difficult conversations, managing poor performance and much more, to help you develop as a great performance manager.

Workshop Content:
  • Understanding what performance management is and what the performance management cycle looks like
  • Identifying the value of performance management
  • Setting SMART objectives
  • Measuring and monitoring performance
  • Developing robust performance/development plans
  • Delivering effective feedback
  • Managing poor performance
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Performance reviews in practice (practical application)
Learning Outcomes:

As an outcome of this development, delegates will be able to:

  • Explain the link between performance management and achieving business results
  • Understand how to set SMART performance management objectives and monitor and measure performance against these
  • Carry out effective one-to-one discussions, focusing on the achievement of performance objectives and development opportunities
  • Confidently manage difficult performance issues and have challenging conversations
  • Provide motivational and developmental feedback
  • Review the challenges they face in their team and develop action plans to address these.
Toolkit Content:
  • Script (workshop)
  • Powerpoint
  • Materials Check List
  • Joining Instructions
  • Trainer Guidance
  • Flip Chart Guide
  • Workbooks
  • Activity Briefs/Supporting Materials
  • Evaluation Form


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