Crossing the Bridge Puzzle – Training Game


The ‘Crossing the Bridge’ puzzle will get your learners thinking and their brain cells firing as they try and decipher how to get their colleagues over the bridge safely.


Crossing the Bridge Puzzle Objectives

A brain teaser to start a problem-solving training session. This training game requires delegates to sift through a range of information, to calculate how they will get a team across a failing bridge. This is a great game to wake people up and get their brain cells firing, ready for your training session.

Group Size

  • Eight to ten

Crossing the Bridge Puzzle Instructions

Explain to your group that they are going to play the Crossing the Bridge Puzzle.

Explain to them that Alice, Brian, Carol and David are on a team-building course outdoors. Things have taken a little turn for the worse; everyone except Alice is injured. They were collectively discussing an insurance claim when they came to a bridge that they must cross to get back to camp safely. They only have 17 minutes to cross the bridge.

Unfortunately, the bridge will collapse if there are more than two people on it at the same time. It is dark and it is too dangerous to cross the bridge without a torch. There is only one torch.


Alice can cross the bridge in one minute. Due to their injuries, the other will take a little longer to cross:

  • Brian will take two minutes to cross the bridge;
  • Carol will take five minutes to cross the bridge;
  • David will cross the bridge in ten minutes.

If there is more than one person on the bridge at the same time, the bridge can only be crossed at the speed of the slowest person. How do the team cross the bridge in 17 minutes?


  • Full instructions and training notes for running the training game
  • Solution to the puzzle


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