Sequence – Memory Recall Game – Training Game


We all adopt different approaches to enable us to recall critical information. ‘Sequence’ is a quick memory recall game to shine a light on learner preferences when it comes to memorising information.


Sequence – Memory Recall Game Objectives

Memory recall is a process we are all capable of performing. We all recall an immense volume of information each moment of our waking lives. However, the way we recall this information can seem like a mystery. ‘Sequence’ helps delegates develop their awareness of the strategies they use to memorise information.

Group Size

  • Four or more

Sequence – Memory Recall Game Instructions

Explain to your group that they are going to play a memory recall game.

Display the following sequence of letters for 30 seconds. Let the group know that the sequence is vital.


After thirty seconds, remove the presentation slide and ask the group to try to write down the sequence.

Ask the group how well they did?

Stress that what’s important is not how successful they were, but how they went about trying to remember it. The strategies they used to memorise the sequence, are those they are most at ease with; they are strengths that can be further developed.


  • Full instructions and trainer notes for running the training game
  • Full debrief instructions, including questions to encourage debate and participation
  • Explanation to support the learning outcomes


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