Impact of Change – Training Game


Change occurs daily. Often, we will only consider the impact of large change projects on the people around us. However, as this game shows, the impact of change is felt even within the minute of changes.


The Impact of Change Game Objectives

When people reflect on organisational change, they frequently think of large-scale transformations. However, change occurs daily and, regardless of its perceived ‘scale’, it always has an impact in some capacity. This simple exercise makes people aware of the impact of change and how they feel about it.

Group Size

  • Two or more

The Impact of Change Game Instructions

Ask the participants to fold their arms. Then ask them to fold their arms the other way around.

Wait in silence for a few moments before asking them to unfold their arms.

You can switch this training game around by asking delegates to stand on one leg, and then swap the leg they are using.

Explain that our brain is wired to complete actions in the most efficient way it knows. This is how your mind is able to process a mass of stimuli each day. When ‘change’ forces you to complete a task differently, even something as meaningless as folding your arms, it causes the brain discomfort. Thankfully, each of us can adapt to change. However, we must be mindful of its impact on us and others; regardless of how small the change may appear to be.



  • Full instructions and trainer notes for running the training game
  • Full debrief instructions, including questions to encourage debate and participation
  • Explanation to support the learning outcomes


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