Lateral Thinking Quiz – Training Game


This lateral thinking quiz encourages learners to view problems in a different light, helping them tap into their creativity to find solutions.


Lateral Thinking Quiz Objectives

A quick quiz that will challenge your delegates’ problem-solving skills and get them thinking laterally, to find solutions to the questions.

Group Size

  • Four or more

Lateral Thinking Quiz Instructions

Explain to your group that they are going to play a lateral thinking quiz that will challenge their thinking.

Explain that for the first four questions, you are going to pretend to be an alien that has just landed in the UK and has only a basic understanding of the English language.

Unfortunately, you don’t understand the significance the days of the week have. On which day of the week, would you assume you would…

  1. Cook a meal?
  2. Get paid?
  3. Get married?
  4. It would be unusually bright?
  5. Cathy, Gene, Jim and Dave go to the watch a movie. There are four empty seats in a row, in the movie theatre. How many possible combinations are there for the number of ways, the four of them could sit in the seats?
  6. Blindfolded, you go to grab your socks in the morning. When you open the sock drawer, you see 50 socks in total. The socks are randomly distributed in the drawer and the total number consists of 10 red, 10 blue, 10, green, 10 yellow and 10 white socks. What is the minimum number of socks you must grab from the drawer in order to be certain you have at least two socks of the same colour?
  7. If you are in the same situation as above, how many socks must you take from the drawer in order to be certain you have at least two socks of different colours?


  • Full instructions and training notes for running the training game
  • Question set (10 questions) and answers to the lateral thinking quiz


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