You’re a Hero! – Positive Feedback Training Game


A great game for highlighting positive feedback as an essential tool to develop morale and maintain the high performance of individuals and teams.


You're a Hero! - Positive Feedback Objectives

Giving and receiving positive feedback can often make people feel a little uncomfortable. Consequently, people often avoid it, to save any perceived embarrassment. Yet positive feedback is an essential tool for helping to develop team morale and maintain high performance.

‘You’re’ a Hero!’ highlights how great it feels to receive praise, helping your learners to gain perspective on the feedback they provide and receive. Encouraging feedback doesn’t require a ‘song and dance’; it merely requires regular “well-done”, “great job” and “thank you” interactions.

Group Size

  • Maximum of ten

You're a Hero! - Positive Feedback Content

Explain to your group that they are going to play a game that will show them what positive feedback feels like.

Instruct your group to stand in a circle, facing each other.

Explain that they will each take it in turns to step into the middle of the circle. When the person arrives in the middle of the circle, everybody else will start clapping, cheering, whistling, whooping and hollering in celebration, as if the person in the middle has just won the Olympic 100-metres sprint.

The person in the middle doesn’t have to do anything, they just need to stand there and receive the adulation for ten seconds.

After ten seconds, the next person moves to the middle of the circle and the same thing happens.

You're a Hero! Content

  • A full set of instructions for delivering the training game and encouraging positive feedback
  • Debrief instructions, including questions to encourage participation and debate between your learners
  • An explanation of the learning outcomes


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