Draw me a… – Direction Setting Training Game


Direction setting is a crucial element of being a successful leader. ‘Draw me a…’ is a training game that shines a light on the challenges faced and the importance of clear communication.


Draw me a... Direction Setting Objectives

We all need clarity to know that what we are doing is right; being left in the dark opens enormous risks and/or sets people up to fail. The ‘Draw me a…’ game highlights the challenge of direction setting for others while drawing attention to the importance of effective communication within this process.

Group Size

  • Eight or more

Draw me a... Direction Setting Instructions

Explain to your group that they are going to play a game that looks at direction setting.

Split the group into two teams. Ask each team to line up behind their teammates, as if they are in a queue.

Hand the person at the front of each row a blank piece of paper and a pen.

Explain to the group that you (the trainer) will use your finger to draw a picture or word on the back of the last person in each row.

The person at the back of each row must then draw what they feel, on the back of the person in front of them. This process gets passed down the line. The person at the front of each row draws the final image on the blank piece of paper.


  • Full instructions and trainer notes for running the training game
  • Full debrief instructions, including questions to encourage debate and participation
  • Explanation to support learning outcomes


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