Context is Everything – Continual Improvement Game


We are all guilty of reaching for the easy or familiar answer to our problems, regardless of the context in which those problems surface. For the most, this works well. However, we also need to be mindful that this approach stunts opportunities for continual improvement. This training game will underscore the fact that the context in which a problem/scenario occurs should always influence our response.


Context is Everything - Continual Improvement Objectives

‘Context is Everything’ encourages continual improvement by challenging delegates to understand the impact of context. Frequently when we solve problems and make decisions, we rely on ‘what we have done before’ or ‘what we know’. A lot of the time, this works fine, but occasionally it won’t give you the results you need. By reflecting on the context, in which our problem exists, we strive to improve our outcomes continually.

Group Size

  • Eight or more

Context is Everything - Continual Improvement Instructions

Instruct your group that they are going to play a game that will challenge their thinking on continual improvement.

Split the group into teams or have them play as individual contestants.

Explain that you are going to recite the lyrics to several very popular TV programmes. Their task is to identify the TV programme associated with the theme tune.

To make it more challenging, there will be classical music playing in the background as the lyrics are readout.


  • Full instructions and trainer notes for running the training game
  • Example lyrics and classical music needed to play the game
  • Full debrief instructions, including questions to encourage debate and participation around continual improvement
  • Explanation to support learning outcomes


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