Goal Setting and Action Planning – Training Game


Training Central’s Goal Setting and Action Planning exercise enables participants to spend time defining the specific goals they want to achieve, before mapping their plans and activities against each goal, ensuring they can track and measure their performance and success.


Goal Setting and Action Planning Objectives

To establish a positive vision for future work, promoting collaboration and focus on goal achievement through effective planning

Goal Setting and Action Planning exercise works very well with the Visioning game.

Group Size

  • Four or more

Goal Setting and Action Planning Instructions

Ask your delegates to spend two minutes developing a mental image of what their work situation will ideally be like, a year from now.

Ask everyone to describe their vision.

Limit comments to one minute per person.

Write each delegate’s vision on a flip chart and pull out the common themes. Using the ideas that have been shared, develop an action plan for how these will be delivered. Assign sponsors to each area. To encourage collaboration, ensure people are assigned roles in supporting their colleagues to deliver their vision.

There is a blank planning template included within the game.


  • Full instructions and training notes for running the training game
  • Example templates – NB Your organisation or your client may have internal documents that they prefer to use to support the capture of the actions.


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