Drive Change – If not now, then Venn? – Training Game


In order to drive change, it is important that we are aware of the needs, strengths and threats that will help or hinder our ability to realise the change we want to see. ‘If not now, then Venn?’ helps to provide the focus your learners need to deliver lasting change.


Drive Change - If not now, then Venn? Objectives

We are all guilty of letting stuff getting in the way of making the changes we need or want to make. This training game will encourage your delegates to spend some time thinking about the needs, strengths and threats that support or hinder their ability to drive change. A great way to provide focus on organisational values, behaviours and/or delivering excellent customer service.

Group Size

  • Five or more

Drive Change - If not now, then Venn? Instructions

The example below covers the delivery of organisational values within a team. You can swap out the values for behaviours or customer focus, if that it is the intention of your training session.

Explain that when we want to make a step-change in the delivery of our values, other stuff often gets in the way. Frequently, these are things that we didn’t see on the horizon because we didn’t put enough time into considering whether they might crop up. In order to avoid this, we are going to spend a little time thinking about the needs, strengths and threats, which will support or hinder your ability to drive change and realise the change you are planning.

Instruct your delegates to spend 15 minutes thinking about being able to deliver the value ‘Innovative’ (this is an example value) in six months’ time:

  • What needs will you, your team, the business and/or our customers have?
  • What strengths will enable you to deliver those future needs?
  • What threats might get in your way, between now and then, and which might hamper your progress?

Get them to capture their thoughts on the Post-it notes.

When they are ready, ask your delegates to stick the needs into the ‘Needs’ section of the Venn diagram.

Once this is done, get them to stick their strengths in the ‘Strengths’ section of the Venn diagram

Finally, do the same for the threats.


  • Full instructions for running the training game
  • Supporting Venn Diagram
  • Full debrief instructions, including questions to encourage debate and participation


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