Origami Fortune Teller – Free Energiser


Tap into childhood memories to add a little fun to posing reflective questions during your training sessions. Example questions are provided, plus instructions on how to make your ‘Origami Fortune Teller’. You can change the questions to make them relevant to your training subject matter.


Origami Fortune Teller Energiser Objectives

We all remember the origami fortune teller that we used to make and play with at school.

Refocus the playground classic, origami fortune teller, to create a fun and easy way to pose reflective questions. It’s a great game for enabling teams to feel proud of what they do, or have done; and to drive change, if needed.

Group Size

  • Five or more

Energiser Instructions

You can run this energiser in a training session, or as part of a meeting. You can ask the group to answer the questions collectively or individually.

Prepare one Fortune Teller (printed, folded and ready) and one question sheet. You can ask questions based on your specific training topic. The questions provided relate to customer service/customer focus.

Explain that you are going to play a little origami fortune teller game with your group. Instruct your delegates to take it in turns to pick a number. Each number has a question associated with it; the delegates will have to answer the question posed (individually or as a group).

Take it in turns and work your way around the group. If you are asking delegates to answer the questions individually, it is OK for people to select the same number.


  • Full instructions for running the training energiser
  • Fortune Teller ready to print and fold
  • Debrief instructions, including questions to encourage debate and participation
  • Explanation to support learning outcomes


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