Gossip – Organisational Culture – Training Game


Gossip is one of the most corrosive elements in an organisations culture. Despite this, many of us engage in gossip, often assuming it is harmless. This game underscore the impact of gossip, whilst also drawing reference to the negative impact of poor communication.


Gossip - Organisational Culture Objectives

Gossip highlights how messages can become distorted and garbled, resulting in falsehoods and mistruths being circulated, negatively impacting organisational culture.

The game simultaneously highlights the impact on performance resulting from poor communication. Consequently, it a great game for emphasising the importance of effective communication.

Group Size

  • Eight or more

Gossip - Organisational Culture Instructions

The traditional version of Whispers is to whisper a sentence to the first person in the group. The whisper is shared from one person to the next until everyone has heard and shared the whisper at least once. The last person repeats the message out loud to the rest of the group.

Make up a message and send it around the room clockwise.

There are two versions of the debrief provided in the downloadable files, use the one that is relevant to how you have positioned the game.


  • Full instructions and training notes for running the training game
  • Two versions of the debrief (one to support focus on organisational culture, and one to support effective communication) – both include questions to encourage debate and participation


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