Debbie Bradshaw

Programme Director

Our super amazing toolkit designer; if Debs doesn’t know it…it isn’t worth knowing. Plus her accent is double ace to boot!

Lisa Glover, horse riding icon
Lisa Glover

Commercial Director

About the happiest individual any of us have met. Lovely person, hyper organised and developing at a rapid rate. Way too interested in horses for her own good.

Karen Nixon, heart and smiling face icon
Karen Nixon

OD Director

Top top woman.  Doesn’t pull her punches and tells it like it is, but is very insightful with her observations. Marries all that with a heart of gold!

pete boyle, training central coffee machine icon
Pete Boyle

Brand Director

Drinks more coffee than is healthy, is somehow the lead on all things brand and tries to stop the others from discussing their nails.

Emma Cotton, rocket icon
Emma Cotton

Managing Director

Leads by example…a ‘pocket-rocket’ (you will get that when you meet her).  Enables people to achieve beyond their own expectations. Super talented.