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negotiation skills workbook



This negotiation skills training toolkit offers practical techniques and approaches to negotiation, whilst supporting participants to practice these in a safe and supportive environment, using situations that are ‘real’ to them.

working through change workbook

Working Through Change


To support participants to develop practical tools and techniques to help them work through change.  The toolkit enables participants to share their concerns and hesitation in relation to change, whilst developing personally to be ‘change ready’ in the future.

problem solving workbook

Problem Solving


Problem solving training materials that will support participants to understand the key principles associated with problem solving within their organisation. 

influencing skills workbook



This toolkit will develop participants confidence when influencing, by equipping them with a range of techniques and approaches they can call on in any influencing situation.

Decision making workbook

Decision Making


This toolkit supports participants in exploring the decision making process and identifying the key tools to make effective and robust decisions.  

communication skills workbook



This workshop will enable participants to understand the crucial aspects of communicating effectively and how to be more impactful in their day-to-day interactions with people at all levels.

Assertiveness workbook



This toolkit is designed to help delegates understand the component parts of being assertive, the different styles of individuals and the role they play in communication.